Dr. Yossi Shafer, Ph.D. is a highly acclaimed and renowned clinical psychologist, as well the founder and director of Empower Health Center, a group practice of multi-specialty psychotherapists in Lakewood NJ, providing individual, couple, and group therapy, as well as medication management. Dr. Shafer has recently created an educational platform, providing professional training and seminars for mental health professionals across the USA. He also serves as the clinical advisory board for Yad Rachel, an organization for women and their families who suffer from perinatal and postpartum mood disorders. Dr. Shafer completed his internship at the Georgian Court University Counseling Center, and has served as director of integrated behavioral and medical health care services for the adult internal medicine, pediatric, and women’s health departments at the Center for Health Education, Medicine, and Dentistry. His published research provides data on patient variables that contribute to behavioral health care utilization and intensity within an integrated behavioral health care model, and his current research involves investigating variable contributors/barriers toward mental health care within the frum community. Dr. Shafer is a popular author including previous weekly columns in The Voice of Lakewood, Mishpacha, Bina, Family First, and is a highly sought-after lecturer on a variety of mental health topics that he provides for rabbonim, yeshivos, Chazkeinu, college campuses, as well as this year’s Agudah convention panel on the shidduch crisis. We are eagerly anticipating the variety of lectures Dr. Shafer will be providing for both our teenagers and adults, as well as his popular Q and A sessions throughout the entire yom tov.
Rabbi Shloime Ehrlich
Rabbi Shloma Gruber – Baal Machshir