Each day of Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed will be full with exciting activities , shows & inspiring shiurim & lectures and delicious food.
Some EXTRA excitement in our daily schedule to make note of :

1) Pre- pesach arts & crafts activity with special projects on Erev Pesach to enhance your Seder.

2)Daily children’s entertainment, including balloon man, clown, magic, & wildlife animal shows

3)Chol Hamoed trips for all guests to the American Dream Mall , Sportsplex , Grand Carnival Extravaganza( last day of Chol Hamoed )

4)Yehuda Green will be spending the entire Yom Tov with us – nightly Kumzitz + concert !

5) Berry Weber Chol Hamoed concert.

6) Herzog Wine tasting & cigar rolling.

7) Shoe Shine in the main lobby before Yom Tov.

8)Women’s fitness classes each morning & evening. Yoga, Pilates , Kickboxing and more !

9) Wildlife animal show

10) World Famous Hypnotist show

11) Day camp performances on Yom Tov by our talented daycampers

12) Deluxe Grand Kiddush each day of Shabbos & Yom Tov , culminating with a Grand Seudas Mashiach at the end of Yom Tov

13) Daily Daf Yomi Shiur

14) Teen Program

15) Full time Shadchan ,with daily appointments for singles

Rav Doniel Neustadt, Mara D’asra of Pine River Village in Lakewood, NJ