Pesach Program

Each day of Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed will be full with exciting activities , shows & inspiring shiurim & lectures and delicious food.
Some EXTRA excitement in our daily schedule to make note of :

1) Pre- pesach arts & crafts activity with special projects on Erev Pesach to enhance your Seder.

2)Daily children’s entertainment, including balloon man, clown, magic, & wildlife animal shows

3)Chol Hamoed trips for all guests to the American Dream Mall , Sportsplex , Grand Carnival Extravaganza( last day of Chol Hamoed )

4)Yehuda Green will be spending the entire Yom Tov with us – nightly Kumzitz + concert !

5) Berry Weber Chol Hamoed concert.

6) Herzog Wine tasting & cigar rolling.

7) Shoe Shine in the main lobby before Yom Tov.

8)Women’s fitness classes each morning & evening. Yoga, Pilates , Kickboxing and more !

9) Wildlife animal show

10) World Famous Hypnotist show

11) Day camp performances on Yom Tov by our talented daycampers

12) Deluxe Grand Kiddush each day of Shabbos & Yom Tov , culminating with a Grand Seudas Mashiach at the end of Yom Tov

13) Daily Daf Yomi Shiur

14) Teen Program

15) Full time Shadchan ,with daily appointments for singles